Roblox is back online following three-day hiatus NYSE:RBLX

John Cassy: Its early days, but Apples virtual reality headset really could change everything Comment When Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, he presented the Metaverse as the centrepiece of his company’s future. The Metaverse was presented as a seamless convergence of our physical and digital lives, creating a unified, virtual community … Read more

Benefits of Financial Automation Software for Banking

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Swedish Radio publishes policy for generative AI

Generative AI Art Out Perform Photo Stock Images by Ginger Liu M.F.A. Technology Hits Here at Lux Aeterna, we are investigating how we can integrate the cutting edge in generative AI into our creative tools and processes in a way that is innovative, practical, responsible, and that our VFX artists are excited to use. DeepMind … Read more

Online pornography: are prudish Conservatives out of their depth with porn verification?

ChatGPT, Bard, Claude Tricked to Generate Malicious Content We’re yet to see political deepfakes that are convincing enough to spark wars or threaten democracy in a meaningful way. But the technology is only going to become more powerful, accessible and convincing, and right now, the people making deepfakes for nefarious means have little reason to … Read more

Architect personalized generative AI SaaS applications on Amazon SageMaker

Generative AI will drive the next AWS-like paradigm shift for enterprise businesses Resources The Bessemer Cloud Index, representing enterprise SaaS companies with a market cap of around $1.5 trillion, highlights the potential of embedded AI. A mere 10% AI value addition could yield a remarkable $150 billion boost.The true game-changer is applying embedded AI to … Read more