The future of service

Solving the industry’s staff shortage, one robot at a time

iServe is a company that focuses on automation within retail, hospitality, and more, bringing innovative technology to the Maltese islands. This is a collaboration with Shenzhen- based Pudu Robotics, founded in 2016, which is a world- leading, tech-focused enterprise that is dedicated to the design, R&D, production and sales of commercial service robots on a mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living.

These robots shall be introduced and more than ever before, the disinfection of environments implemented at Greens Supermarket and restaurants, such as The Greenhouse and Mondo. At Greens Supermarket – they will mainly be used for promotions by going

around the store to distribute leaflets, freebies, and samples, among other things. At the restaurants, the robots will be used to take orders and deliver plates to tables. It will surely be a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The overall objective will be to increase the efficiency of these establishments, while also adding a unique spark to the product offering and experience. This solution will also ease the pressure off the lack of human resources that the HORECA industry is facing.


The robots are perfect for mid-to-high-end restaurants, pubs and lounge bar businesses. Their collection and delivery functions can facilitate and make the work of waiters and chefs considerably more efficient. Your teams will have the right operational support to devote more importance to the sales and reception aspects of your guests. Thanks to the 3D obstacle detection system, the robots can safely move around the premises, bringing food to customers and picking up dirty dishes. By mapping the arrangement of the tables, it is also possible to use the robots as a companion, to be placed at the entrance if there is a customer reservation. Additionally, after the health emergency experience, disinfection robots, such as Puductor, are an important ally to keep the environment clean and sanitized.


Order, cleanliness and hygiene are three fundamental aspects that concern all health activities in general. Now

more than ever before, the disinfection of environments has become a priority. For this reason, the robots can be of enormous help in hospitals, thanks to their ability to quickly sanitize closed environments and ward off viruses such as COVID-19. In addition to this, delivery and collection robots can also greatly facilitate the work of nurses and auxiliary staff.


The innovation of the robots can also be exploited within offices and workspaces in general. In fact, the latest generation of waiter robots are designed for intelligent delivery and adopted by companies around the world. A forward-looking example is the Bee Plus, which can be used to distribute things in the workplace, passing through multiple offices and meeting rooms. They can also be used inside showrooms to show the public the company’s new products. They can also generate a wow factor that can both transmit positivity in the office and stimulate people to buy the products on display thanks to the voice recognition systems based on artificial intelligence,


Thanks to the use of the robots inside shopping centres, both small and large, it will be possible to have an assistant to welcome customers, but also a promoter to support merchants. KettyBot has the necessary technology to welcome customers to the various entrances and quickly accompany them to the point of interest without unnecessary waste of time for research or understanding the right route, starting from the digital totems with the map of the centre. Additionally, KettyBot can become a dynamic advertising medium by showing the advertisements of the various merchants, distributing samples and accompanying interested parties to the promotional sections.