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These packets of information are transparent, secure, programmable, and globally accessible to anyone with Internet. The masternode selected to verify a block will be randomly selected, for this each masternode sends its public key through a smart contract that through an equation will determine the order of verification of the masternodes. The Tomocoin ICO offers one solution for scaling that is novel in its approach. The team have demonstrated their capacity to deliver with alpha versions of all three products. On the flipside, the scaling race is underway and it is anyone’s guess who will come out on top, or how much room there will be for coexistence. If Tomocoin can fix their sites on high-throughput use cases early on (like payments), they will have a better chance at gaining a base from which to grow.

Both of these are crucial since to realize its disruptive potential blockchains will need to work at scale, and they will need to have a way to work together. One of the major functions of blockchains that stand to forever change the financial systems of the world is the way they move and record funds between accounts. Tomochain (TOMO) is a project that is trying to help scale the Ethereum blockchain – no doubt a pressing concern what is tomocoin in the face of previous network bloat. The blockchain network for all builders – Anything you need, we’ve got you covered. TomoChain is built on a performance layer that achieves high transaction speeds without compromising decentralization. Internet of Value — Through the Internet the value of blockchain, people can trade any kinds of assets like stocks, votes, securities, intellectual property etc in a safe and transparent way.

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ICO Drops receives a fee for advertising certain token sales, in which case such listing will be designated accordingly. Each time (period that occurs every 900 blocks approximately 30 minutes) a control point is created to distribute the rewards. If you have any concerns about the nature, propriety or legality of this token sale or the persons involved in it please contact with detailed information about your concerns. I’ve had a play around with the TomoApp as it has all the features you’d expect from a social media platform (liking, sharing, following etc) and is quick and easy to get setup.

  • Candidates are eligible to become TomoChain Masternodes when they rank among the top 150 candidates voted for each epoch.
  • I don’t think it will be too difficult for the 1000 whitelisting spaces to be filled.
  • Scalability covers a number of related issues which include network congestion, long wait time for transaction validation, and the high transaction fees that come along with these issues.
  • In turn, this would help TomoChain become a self-sustainable fully decentralized operation.
  • This course provides a video-guided expert-led tutorial on token standards, storage design patterns, security considerations, and much more.
  • Open-source , high performance, zero (economically) fee and instant Confirmation blockchain that can process billions of financial transactions per day.

TomoApp will be a fully decentralised Q&A social network app where people can help each other by answering queries by text or video message. LuaSwap is a cross-chain liquidity protocol that enables users to make swaps between the TOMO, ETH, and various ERC-20 and TRC-21 tokens. Furthermore, LuaSwap enables users to earn a passive income with crypto. This is achieved by providing liquidity, and staking the native LUA token. Boasting 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) and two-second confirmation times, the TomoChain blockchain has the capacity and throughput to make it secure and stable, even during times of high network congestion.

TomoChain Products

That recovery has also come without TOMO being listed on any of the top exchanges other than KuCoin. There is a mobile wallet released by TomoChain, and you can also use mobile TrustWallet as it supports TOMO. And it appears you are still able to use MyEtherWallet for storing TOMO. TomoChain not only includes a network of masternodes, but it also allows the stakeholders to vote for the masternodes and elect those they wish to become validating nodes. And after the first two years, the stakeholders can also receive block rewards if the masternode they voted for wins and becomes a validating node.

TomoMaster is an application used for staking, tracking rewards, and voting on which Masternodes will be eligible to secure the TomoChain blockchain. Furthermore, TomoMaster provides statistics relating to the performance of 150 Masternodes. TomoZ is a protocol whereby tokens can be issued and fees are paid for using said token. Using TomoZ, tokens can be issued quickly and easily, without friction. The TomoZ protocol utilizes the TomoChain TRC-21 token standard for token issuance.

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The Ecosystem Building program for TomoChain will help to create a diverse set of d-apps and token community utilizing the technology and supporting the development of the infrastructure for the long term. TomoChain is designed to resolve the scaling issues currently faced by the Ethereum blockchain (think Crypto Kitties and poor performance during ICO launch). Second layer blockchains is the idea behind this using horizontal scaling, which will be intergrated with Ethereum network for backup and atomic cross-chain transfer. TomoCoin is the protcol token which will be used in the platform for governance and regulation. Tomochain is our blockchain infrastructure solution to the scalability problem with Tomoapp and with blockchain technology in general.

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